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    來源:http://www.syckfeed.com 日期:2020-01-31 發布人:admin
    At present, the cost of light steel superstructure in China is slightly higher than that of traditional brick and concrete structure, which is one of the reasons that affect the selection of some owners or investors. In fact, it is one-sided to only pay attention to this point. The cost of superstructure accounts for a small proportion of the total investment of the project, and the price difference caused by different building forms is smaller. The single factor should not be taken as the decisive factor in the selection of structural materials. According to the modern point of view, the comprehensive economic benefit evaluation index of light steel buildings should at least include the following aspects: total investment cost, investment return period, applicability of buildings, environmental protection factors, human and social environmental factors, etc.
    This paper discusses the fire protection of light steel building structure. The fire prevention measures of steel structure mainly include fire-proof coating, foam fire-proof paint, and external fire-proof layer (less used). In essence, it is a measure to avoid major property loss caused by the damage of main structure of building after the occurrence of fire risk. The foreign countries mainly use thick coating type non combustible inorganic coating, the aging thickness index can reach 4H / 50mm, the domestic prefer to use thin coating type fireproof paint with thickness of 3-7mm, and the fire resistance aging is 0.5-1.5h. At present, the cost of fire prevention is too high, but the effect is not ideal. In this paper, it is necessary to make a statistical analysis and comparison between the cost increase of the whole light steel construction market and the total loss under the average fire rate due to the implementation of mandatory fire protection standards.
    If the latter is small, it is not suitable to make strict requirements for ordinary light steel buildings, and proper consideration can be given to the selection of materials, such as using incombustible heat insulation or decorative products as far as possible, selecting anti-corrosion coating with certain fire-retardant performance, etc., and requiring the owner to take strict fire safety management measures. In addition, the fire compensation fund can be set up by collecting fees from the owner according to a certain proportion of the fire protection cost, which can not only reduce the total cost, but also share the risk, which is more reasonable.

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